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Bring Back the 40 Hour Work Week

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Today’s Texting Teenagers Are Ridiculous

Teenagers! Always on call. Especially here in Boston, where many of them—we’ve come to discover thanks to the Boston Globe—sleep with cellphones under their pillow. Important texts (“Seeing if you’re awake”) simply cannot be missed! Brookline, Boston proper, even suburb Waltham—it matters not. Teenagers are texting all the live long day and continue to do […]

The New GM Volt gets 230 mpg!

Well, that’s what they want the public to believe but none of my readers would ever fall for that right?

In August 2009, General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson announced that the new Chevrolet Volt, GM’s first electric car, would get an estimated 230 miles per gallon. The faltering car company hoped that the exceptionally […]

Facebook posts lead to suspension from school

Nasty and abusive comments for a mathematics female teacher on the social networking site Facebook led to the suspension of 16 students of a leading private school. 16 students of Class 12 of Vivek High School in Sector-38, Chandigarh were suspended for three months for their mis conduct, the school authorities informed. The incident took […]

US Gov’t Urging Ban on All Driver Phone Use in Cars

Yes, they want a total ban on all cell phone and electronic use in your vehicle. No hands free, no Onstar, no speakerphone, you name it. It brings a whole new meaning to “don’t touch that dial!”… While we are at it we really need to get rid of all of the drive thru restaurants […]

Stephen J. Cannell Passes Away

Stephen J. Cannell, the producer of iconic television shows such as “The A-Team,” “21 Jump Street” and “The Rockford Files” has died. He was 69. Cannell’s family tells ET, “Stephen J. Cannell passed away at his home in Pasadena on Thursday evening due to complications associated with melanoma. He was surrounded by his family […]

Survey: Children like e-books, parents not so much

Children are ready to try e-books, with some thinking that a bigger selection of electronic texts would make reading for fun even more fun, according to a new study. But a solid majority of parents aren’t planning to join the digital revolution. The 2010 Kids and Family Reading Report, released Wednesday and commissioned by Scholastic […]

Medal of Honor Banned on U.S. Military Bases

The FPS genre continues to draw negative attention as far as morality is concerned, particularly in relation to Medal of Honor, a game that’s been rather boastful of its current significance to both American and foreign military soldiers alike. The player will have a chance to kill people in Afghanistan, no doubt, but the ability […]

Lost iPhone prototype spurs police probe

“Silicon Valley police are investigating what appears to be a lost Apple iPhone prototype purchased by a gadget blog, a transaction that may have violated criminal laws, a law enforcement official told CNET on Friday. Apple has spoken to local police about the incident and the investigation is believed to be headed by a computer […]