Sleepless? Then Stop Taking Your iPhone To Bed

Mobile workers just don’t put the phone down, according a new report from iPass, which provides Wi-Fi and 3G network access to enterprise clients for use by their employees. The company surveyed more than 3,500 people from 1,100 large corporations worldwide and asked them about their mobile device work habits. The results may not be all that surprising, if you’re a mobile worker, but they are somewhat terrifying (or maybe just really depressing). iPass found that mobile workers have a hard time being physically separated from their smartphones, even when it’s ostensibly time to sleep. More than half at 61 percent of those surveyed keep the phone in the bedroom, and 41 percent have it within arm’s reach of where they sleep. Those figures jump to 77 and 60 percent respectively when you’re talking about the younger crowd (respondents between the ages of 22 and 34). Just over a third at 35 percent of mobile workers check their email before doing anything else when they wake up in the morning, and another 38 percent admit to checking their email at various times during the night.

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GTDAgenda’s New Products

I have covered my use of Gtdagenda in the past, it’s the web-based GTD productivity app for managing your tasks and projects. I recently covered their addition of the iPhone App. They are expanding their product line with 3 new products: YouProjects, YouTasks and YouChecks. They are working hard to provide the best personal-productivity-suite on the web and they are well on the track with the addition of these new tools! All three new products work on the same infrastructure as Gtdagenda, but they are simpler and targeted to meet your specific needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the features for each one…

YouProjects is Project management with collaboration and email integration.

YouTasks is To-dos/Tasks manager.

YouChecks is a manager for your Routines, or things that must be done regularly.

Gtdagenda now available for the iPhone!

I have been using the service for quite some time now and love its implementation of the GTD management and productivity approach. Now I can do it even easier while on the go using the new Gtdagenda app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I can manage my tasks, projects and contexts directly on my iPod touch (don’t have an iPhone yet but its coming to Verizon finally!), and full CLOUD-SYNC with my Gtdagenda account.

With the iPhone app you:
– Create, edit and delete Tasks. Set/unset Next Actions, mark tasks as Done
– Create, edit and delete Projects
– Create, edit and delete Contexts

Here are some screenshots…

Check it out today!

The Easiest Way to Setup Email Reminders

Do you ever want to email something to yourself so that you can remember it later? It happens to me all the time especially when I am on a mobile phone. For instance, if I come across a cool site that I would want to check out later from the desktop, I just send the URL to my own email account. If I have an idea for a blog or need to remember something, I jot it down in a message and email it to myself. Now there are quite a few apps that can help you schedule email based reminders, including Google Calendar, but if you prefer to have something really simple that you can use from your email program itself and one that requires no setup, check out FollowUpThen.

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Email Processing from GMail’s Priority Inbox

GMail’s latest feature, Priority Inbox, was rolled out this week to much fanfare, amidst claims from Google that it will speed email processing and reduce information overload. The fact that it produces neither result, in spite of the latest secret technology it uses, could help us all learn some important lessons about productive email management. Google says that its internal testing revealed that the tool saves the average person some 6 minutes per day. It’s hard to see how, when you realize that all the tool is doing is reshuffling you Inbox email. To draw a simple analogy, imagine your postman delivering your mail in two batches (assuming all the junk mail has been tossed away.) One batch is tied up with string and marked “high priority.” The other batch sits in a small box and is marked “low priority.”

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Traveling Light

This is a great article full of useful advice on packing light and traveling efficiently. I disagree with some of their advice like leaving your cell phone at home? I don’t think many modern travelers would heed that advice… Packing light has always been a savvy travel tip, because hauling less weight means you travel with more comfort and freedom. But now, when you consider the baggage fees recently implemented by most airlines, packing light makes more sense than ever. Consider that most airlines now charge per-piece fees for your luggage as well as extra-weight fees for bags over 50 lbs. (check your airline for the latest info). Rick Steves, the travel guru who has written books such as Europe through the Back Door, advises, “Pack light, wash frequently, buy it if you need it.” He has traveled in Europe 120 days a year since 1973 and suggests limiting yourself to one bag of about 20 pounds.

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Staying Organized After Being on the Road

Welcome to another edition of Work Smart with Gina Trapani. This week, Daniel Beck, a technical writer for WebFaction in Philadelphia, PA, asks for advice on how to get and stay organized after traveling. Syncing desktop computers with a laptop and other devices can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Along with offering Daniel my tips, I called on David Allen, author of Getting Things Done–my favorite productivity book of all time–to offer his solutions as well.

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Verizon Wireless could sell iPhones next year

This would be outstanding for me!!

Verizon Wireless, the country’s largest mobile-phone carrier, will start selling iPhones to customers in January, Bloomberg News is reporting. Bloomberg cited “two people familiar with the plans” as the basis for its report. Verizon Wireless rival AT&T has had exclusive claim on the device in the United States since Apple Inc. debuted the iPhone in 2007. Wall Street analysts told Bloomberg that Verizon Wireless may sell as many as 12 million iPhones next year. Officials for Apple and Verizon Wireless declined to comment for the article.

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The New Android app for Gtdagenda

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you probably already realize that I am a huge fan of the GTD principles and proccesses. I have used GTDAgenda since it started and highly recommend it! The new Android app has the GTD essentials: The Inbox, the Next Actions, Projects & Contexts, and of course Syncing with the web-app/server. This is the first version of the app, and the Goals and Checklists are not yet included. I have talked with the developer and they plan to add new features based on user feedback. This is the same approach they took with GTDAgenda and it has gotten better with each addition. If you have an Android don’t hesitate to give this a try!

Here are some screenshots of the first version:

Main App Menu


Context Menu, for actions on tasks

New Task/ Editing Task

Login for Sync

Contexts List

Projects List