USAF Holiday Shopping Spree: 2,200 PlayStations

“We already know that we don’t need air force pilots to drop bombs on terrorist dinners anymore, just gamers manning drones. And eventually, gamers flying virtual drones. And eventually robots flying virtual drones in the form of manga characters. To get there and other places, the Air Force is buying 2,200 PlayStation3s. They’ll use them to build a Linux supercomputer, and not, mind you, to build a massive array of DIY PS3 grilles. (They’re already set with grilles.) They are not however already set when it comes to PS3 supercomputers. Their current one, made of 336 of the old-style consoles at a cost of $118,000, has already been used for a few applications not currently available on the regular stand-alone, non-supercomputer PS3. Those uses include, says Information Week, “processing multiple radar images into higher resolution composite images (known as synthetic aperture radar image formation), high-def video processing, and ‘neuromorphic’ computing, or building computers with brain-like properties.”

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1 thought on “USAF Holiday Shopping Spree: 2,200 PlayStations

  1. I wanted one of those back in april or may and now i won’t get one unfortunately. just another way the government is crushing the hopes and dreams of children and teenagers. My only hope now is ebay and my mum would never let me onto that. And guess what GOV/police, my friend has an r4 so i’d like to see what you’d do to that innocent child. Now, if you excuse me, i’m off to change my ps3 games, now where did i put NFS Underground 2?

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