Klingon Space Opera Makes Cosmic Debut

Die-hard “Star Trek” fans may want to dust off their Klingon dictionaries and take a transporter to Europe for the debut of the first opera ever to be completely sung in the invented science fiction language. The opera, called “u,” kicks off a three-day run at the Zeebelt Theater today in The Hague, Netherlands. The title “u” is the Klingon word for “universe” or “universal.” Tickets for the performances were still available as of Friday morning, according to Reuters. Klingon, which is spoken by members of the fictional “Star Trek” warrior race of the same name, has evolved into a significant pop culture phenomenon since the American science fiction TV series first hit the airwaves in the late 1960s. Fans worldwide adopted the alien dialect and made it one of the most popular constructed languages, opera organizers said.

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