Steven Spielberg’s TV Series ‘Terra Nova’ Fires Writing Staff

Fox’s much anticipated sci-fi series Terra Nova, produced by Steven Spielberg, just suffered another set back. Reports are coming in that most of the writing staff on the show – which was delayed until Fall 2011 – was laid off this week. Show-runner Brandon Braga wasn’t let go though and apparently the layoffs could be temporary. They could either be due to a scheduling conflict or because the show needs to cut costs and having a bunch of writers sitting around when production doesn’t start until next summer isn’t cost effective. Either way, this is just another fascinating chapter in the story of a show that has had a very public behind the scenes life ever since it hit our radar. Centering on a family from the future who is sent into prehistoric times to save the world, there’s nothing but potential there. There’s much more info after the jump.

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