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In a video demonstration with the BBC, an IT security expert demonstrates how easy it is for criminals to set up a fake WiFi hotspot to steal information from an unsuspecting victim’s smartphone, among other ploys. With more and more people using smartphones and believing they’re relatively secure,Tom Beale, an IT security expert with Vigilante Bespoke, shows off how mistaken people are. In the first demonstration, Beale shows the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones how someone can get past a smartphone’s password screen in a few seconds. What about accessing a WiFi network to connect online, is that safe? Cellan-Jones asks Beale. “Unfortunately, you’re not,” the young security professional says. By setting up a “fake” WiFi network, hackers can see the data flowing through their network if a person connects to it. From there, hackers can steal information used to log-on to social networking sites like Facebook and hijack accounts. Depending on how much information a particular person provides to a social networking Web site, hackers can also gain access to a huge repository of information that can lead to greater vulnerabilities.

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with wifi security. It’s just that it’s left to users to set it up. How many smartphone users realise how vulnerable they are in hotspots and can load-up a personal VPN? Not enough.

    A new technology is emerging, deployed initially in Japan. 3G hotspots use femtocell technology to provide the same mobile broadband experience. But because they are cellular, the security protection is built-in, invisible to users.

    I’ve blogged about this and would be interested in your comments…

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