Visit Uncle Sam’s Really Odd Online Warehouse

If you missed out on Cyber Monday, there’s still lots of time to get a great discount at Crazy Uncle Sam’s Online Retail Outlet, where the discounts are as big as the tax code is complicated. Thanks to several websites sponsored or sanctioned directly by the U.S. government, consumers can help drive down the debt by taking advantage of great prices on government surplus — including everything from old NASA tape recorders to an aircraft service truck to a 4,000-square-foot office complex in Burma. That’s right, it’s a fire sale — and everything in the U.S. government’s warehouses must go, go, go! Crazy Uncle Sam’s Online Retail Outlet offers a plethora of government-run auctions of old items, including cars, boats, computers, machinery and even clothing. And all you have to do is point and click at, the official retail arm of the White House, part of the Federal Asset Sales Presidential e-Government initiative.

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