Put Down that Phone Before Someone Gets Hurt

This woman blames everyone but herself for her clumsy distraction! She is actually suing the mall… this is just as bad as the lady who sued McDonalds for the coffee being hot. …or more recently the guy who sued McDonalds for making him fat. No sir you made yourself fat not McDonalds. This lady needs to realize its her fault, its funny, we got a great laugh, you need a lesson on personal responsibility – take care of yourself and don’t think its anyone else’s job to take care of you – and finally pay attention to that “no swimming” swimming sign next time…

…but now as radio icon Paul Harvey used to say… “Now for the rest of the story”. It turns out that little miss clumsy may have a history of trouble with the law—ranging from a hit-and-run to credit card fraud.

The Reading Eagle of Reading, Pa. reports that Marrero has a bunch of retail theft convictions on her record, and in 2009 was charged with identity theft in Berks County, Pa. …after allegedly using her co-worker’s credit card to buy more than $4,000 in pretty things from Zales. She also allegedly spent $1,000 at Target, but those charges were dropped. The Berks County charges remain unresolved; she’s still going to court on those.

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